In Aix the SM’ART is an art festival which is growing more each year, it is located in the Parc Jourdan and
attracts hundreds of painters, sculptors, photographers, and all sort of artists. They present and sell
their work there. You can also dine and enjoy a glass of wine from famous wineries.
Aix also host the festival de Paques (Easter), which produce classical music.
There is also the comic book festival in Aix, or BD for Bandes dessinees. Some people come dressed up
as their favorite comic character and it last several days.
In Avignon you can find les hivernales, a spring dance festival
Marseille host Mars en Baroque, dedicated to the perception of baroque in the 21 st century.


Or Paques in French. In the churches there will be a lot of faithful holding branches of olive tree instead
of palm tree. When put in the houses they are protecting the household for the year.


That is the perfect time to tour the country side and see all the flowers in bloom!!! Truly magical, all the
reds, blues, oranges and yellows. Perfect for wonderful pictures!!!
You can also go in the garrigue which is the typical scrubland of Provence and breathe in the fresh wild
thyme and rosemary mixed with the Mediterranean pines.

Outdoor and sport

Perfect season for that as all the trails are open, to climb the Sainte Victoire and all the bike roads are
perfect, not too many tourists yet!! Also perfect for the beaches as the weather is great and the water
is warming up.

Spring in Provence

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