• Best way to learn French? Make mistakes and have fun, that allows your brain to remember the information
  • Best age to learn French? In your mother’s womb, but as we are all out, at any age.
  • What is important is the motivation and regular practice.
  • How to find out which names are feminine and which are masculine? I would be delighted to provide you with a super method of remembering those. And funny too!!
  • Could we cook? Yes of course, it is an excellent way to learn and practice French and we also have a lot of fun.
  • How to speak very fast French? The best way is to speak with a lot of people and that is why I will introduce you to all my friends.
  • Can we really learn and have fun at the same time? Yes and it is the best way.
  • And how do we do it? Act like a child, ask a lot of questions.
  • And if we are sky to speak? I will help you get out of your comfort zone.

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