It is the wine season, les vendanges, the harvesting of the grapes to produce the wine take place in
September. You can see the harvest when you are driving and you can also smell the freshly pressed
grapes. A lot of town organize wine festivals and you can also buy plenty of new wine in the
supermarkets. In the open air markets it is the full season for the grapes and you can taste all the
different sorts, some more fruity than other, some white, yellow or reds.


In Aix it is the calisson, this little piece of wonder, full of a paste made with almonds, orange and melon
and coated with white sugar, truly delicious!!! There is la fete des calissons in Aix during the first week of
Chestnuts are also in season and will be through all of winter as well. You can find a lot of chestnuts
The truffle season start in mid-November and there is an opportunity to discover this fragrant smell of
this little, or not so little, piece of very expansive mushroom. They are harvested by dogs which are
trained to do that!!!


Les journees du patrimoine take place during a week end in mid-September. During these days the
entrance to many museums and galleries are free of charge or at a reduced rate and some places also
offer free guided tours, concerts…


Great time for biking, walking, sun bathing, swimming, and general do all the outdoor activities that you
enjoy doing!!!

Fall in Provence

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